[q&a] Sarah Jane Haywood from That Sexy Show!

That Sexy Show

That Sexy Show

1. How did you conceive That Sexy Show?

The show’s producer (Peter C. Hayward) and I ran another panel/game show for 18 months, We Should Know Better. It had a different theme each month, and in January we did a “Queer” themed show for Midsumma which was a blast! The event sold out and we got this great review from Yawp Mag:

“The team members are an eclectic bunch. In terms of their sexual identities, some are out and proud, some straight, and some apparently unsure. One thing is certain though: There is no room for homophobia here. The show is a real display of the way in which comedy dispels prejudices, in order to bring people together for a good time.

How often do you utter “analingus” in a social context without seeing the room rapidly empty? Maybe you and I move in different circles, but at We Should Know Better, refreshingly the audience seemed to lean forward in eagerness to hear it again.”

The success of the January show made me realise that there was an audience for a show like That Sexy Show.

Also I’ve long since been obsessed/fascinated with sex. I am equally obsessed with creating safe spaces where you can be yourself, and find interesting/creative ways to connect with others (you can see more on stuff like this at sarahjanehaywood.bandcamp.com the culmination of a songwriting project I did in collaboration with a random selection of people I knew).

As well as my sex-session, earlier this year during the Comedy Festival I realised that comedy often isn’t a safe space for queer, kinky, polyamorous folks – they often find that they might go to a show and then end up being the butt of a lol hate-crime. So I wanted to make a show that was specifically inviting to this audience, where people could come and feel safe and enjoy some ridiculous games and feel like they weren’t a minority.

2. What is the sexiest thing about your team captains?

Jessie has the craziest sex-life of anyone I know. One of our games involves guests giving us personal sex stories, and every time I ask her she has three or four new ones…from the last few days. Last week she told everyone about how her partner wanted to eat steak off of her butt, and before that she told us how she tried to have sex with her partner’s nose.

Lisa-Skye is a bit scary in that Top/Dom kind of way. She files her nails to a point on one hand – deemed the “evil hand” – so that she can inflict pain (obviously in a consenting BDSM way) with the greatest of accuracy and ease. I’ve been at the mercy of those things before and I will tell you it’s like canoodling with a less fatal wolverine who’s been let loose in a colour factory.

3. Most surprising admission from a team member or audience member?

We have had some amazing stories on the show so far, a couple that stick out at the moment are:

One guest admitted that when she wanted to feel nasty she would masturbate thinking about Tony Abbott, it was hilarious and I loved her reasoning that “at least while I’m fucking him he’s not out fucking the country!”

One of the most beautiful stories so far was from last week, where a guest talked about how they realised that their partner was “the one” when he was pulling an impacted tampon out of her with a spoon. She said she looked at his concentration face and thought “this is trust, right here”

4. Will audiences be aroused, squicked out or both?

It depends on how open-minded they are! We don’t really hold back – we show pornographic films, our guests often discuss their sex lives in extremely intimate detail, and we are as kink-friendly as is humanly possible. No matter how unconventional your kink may be, we want That Sexy Show to be the place where you can talk about it without any fear of judgement.

So if our audience is sex-positive, open to unusual kinks and don’t mind hearing details about what some describe as “naughty bits”, they’ll have a blast. If not, they might be squicked out…but we’re pretty sure that everyone will learn something.

5. Top 5 reasons to come along and see the show.

1) It’s hilarious. Watching comedians make images of porn “safe for work”, hearing them try to tell convincing lies about their sexual past, and getting to see the funniest porno scenes we’ve been able to find…it’s the sexiest laugh-time you’ll ever have.

2) We always have super amazing guests with pornstars and sex therapists alongside Melbourne’s best alternative comedians and theatre-makers! (Check facebook for the lineup – facebook.com/ThatSexyShow)

3) You are guaranteed to learn something.

4) All three of our regulars are super-babing hot chicks, and who doesn’t want to see that?

5) To support a space that tries to be funny, educational, and provide voices you don’t normally hear with a chance to tell their stories!

(6: we often spend a fair chunk of time talking about the ridiculous sex advice Cosmopolitan Mag dishes out, cause god, that stuff is not safe for human consumption, if you think Cosmo’s sex advice is often socially irresponsible, come share that view with us!)

Last show of the season is on TONIGHT! GET TO IT, Melbourne!!